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The Cycle of Return-Incentives for Texas Counties


     This is my vision “A Better Way” for Texas Counties, conceptualized in a cycle for everyone to envision the transformation in how community investment and involvement prepares both advantaged and disadvantaged citizens for a mutually beneficial new future. As citizens of Texas, we are meant to share in such a way that reassures, challenges, and give us all hope in the only thing that matters-People. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to bring everyone together in a simplistic way, so it does not matter about economic status, race, creed, or gender; we have work to do.

     Four important independent parts to the cycle:

  1. Property/homeowners

  2. Resident Citizens (Advantaged and Disadvantaged)

  3. Community Colleges

  4. County government


     Property/homeowners should be incentivized in a way that encourages investing in developing a skilled citizenry, no matter the age, and protecting their financial security. The risk-free rate will eliminate angst in doing what is rightfully your honor to do-invest in community; the design feature is meant for investors to cultivate their investment. The only way for the property/homeowner to get the full incentive rate, eight or five percent, the resident citizen must obtain their certification or licensure.

     Resident Citizen (Advantaged and Disadvantaged)

     It is vitally important that resident citizens absorb all the knowledge and insight possible through skilled vocational trade school and their investor; after certification/ licensure process it will be up to the resident citizens’ maturational development- independence, disposable income, retirement savings, and home purchase to ultimately become an investor in their community themselves.

    Community Colleges

     I foresee community colleges as the investment domain of property/homeowners, albeit associate degrees, leading to skilled vocational trades with certification or licensure. This should encourage Texas community colleges to be bolder in seeking the latest skilled programs in environmental and technological fields for our new future.

     County Government

     The role of county government is always key in facilitating growth, personally and economically, for our standard of living and quality of life. This is why all two hundred fifty-four county governments must be given the lead role in negotiating with hospitals to ensure no deductibles, no co-insurance, affordability, and protecting financial security for their counties’ citizens. We must use Health and Safety Code Chapter 121 & Government Code Chapter 791-Texas Constitution, to allow for cooperation among counties, cities, and towns to assure hospitals have longevity and fair profitability. This will go a long way in alleviating the most expensive aspect of healthcare- hospitalization.

                                                                                                Jack Daniel Foster, Jr.



     Psalms 67:1-7; GOD blesses his people, so that they may bless those who have yet to be



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