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Public Controlled Capitalism


            My economic model, Cycle of Return-Incentives for Texas Counties, place established citizens, homeowners and property owners, at the apex of the cycle, which strategically use “Public Controlled Capitalism”, incentive rates, to encourage investment in county citizenry for skilled vocational trades. The economic metrics of the nation: GDP, unemployment rate, inflation rate, Wall Street investment returns have neither connection nor applicability to main street. This is why I will quicken direct investment in human capital thru individuals in counties, with incentives, not the use of student loans in associate’s degrees or less; community colleges will be the investment domain of homeowners and property owners.

            This economic model is applicable to all 3,142 counties, county equivalents, District of Columbia, and territories of the United States; we will eliminate capture at all levels of government: Federal, State, and County, decrease opportunity cost, eliminate creative destruction, increase utility of every person, and most of all severely constrict free-riders. Economic growth correlates directly with quality of life and standard of living which tie into the affordability of the “big three”- education, healthcare, and retirement.

            I am the only U.S. Senatorial Candidate who has an economic plan for all 254 counties in Texas and the nation; it is the pocketbook issues, kitchen table issues that matter most in our lives first, because at our core being we ensure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity before caring about anything else. So, it will always remain incumbent upon leaders to incentivize instead of dictate a common purpose.

            It is manifest in my writings and economic model, I choose to give homeowners and property owners the opportunity to have security in risk-free investment in human capital in county, advantaged or disadvantaged, for skilled vocational trades and to enrich lives with mentoring, and life experience. I strive to insure no person will ever have to be fearful of our new future.


                                                                                    Jack Daniel Foster, Jr.

                                                                                    Democratic Senatorial                                                                                                         Candidate-Texas


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