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To the Citizens of Texas Counties

     I am a working person just like everyone else; As a teacher I see the uncertainty in retirement, healthcare, and education- for our families, friends, and fellow citizens all around me. I keep wondering, "When will all this insecurity end?"   The answer to this question is when each county invest in both the advantaged and disadvantaged citizens in their communities; by giving everyone opportunities to succeed through vocational trade skills. We never know what talent people possess unless the incentive is there to cultivate it.

     I will be talking differently than traditional politicians, because every bold vision, big idea in my being is directed toward the only people I know and admire in my life- working and retired citizens in the two hundred fifty- four counties that make Texas great.

     This campaign is about more than the U.S. Senate; it is affordable healthcare, retirement, respectable return on community investment and vocational trade skills of today and tomorrow. Understand, I will vote with my life in any given situation and when I say, " vote with my life" the advantaged and disadvantaged citizens in all two hundred fifty-four counties gain all kinds of security.

     My vision is "A Better Way" for Texas; a direction that excites and embolden every Texan to get involved in our future.    



                                                                             Jack Daniel Foster, Jr.


      Proverbs 10:15; A rich man's wealth is his strong city, the destruction of the poor is their poverty.



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